Students & Research

ResearchSound scientific knowledge is fundamental to landscape conservation. It is critically important to utilise the latest scientific knowledge to make informed conservation decisions. In order to facilitate the necessary research, the project team is seeking to develop partnerships with relevant research institutions.

As a result of our Conservation Action Planning, we have identified research priorities or knowledge gaps that could be assisted with under graduate, honours or post graduate research.
Some brief priorities are listed here, but if you wish to pursue a particular avenue of research that you think aligns with the WildEyre goals, we would like to hear from you!

The following topics are of interest to the WildEyre group:

  • Sustainable agricultural practises
  • Native pasture / fodder alternatives
  • Ecological restoration theory and techniques
  • Natural succession in native systems
  • Flora and faunal response to climate change
  • Climate / trend modelling
  • Vertebrate pest control and invasive plant ecology
  • Attitudes to environmental incentive and biodiversity stewardship programs

To express your interest please contact WildEyre..