Bushland Condition Monitoring

The WildEyre program has embarked upon an ambitious program to gather data which in the future will tell us if the native habitats in our region are improving or not.

The Bushland Condition Monitoring method scores different habitat components, like weeds, number of native plant species, and number of plant forms, such as trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses. These can then be re-scored at a later stage to see if the condition of the native vegetation is changing.

So far, more than 173 Bushland Condition Monitoring (BCM) sites have been set up by Greening Australia, Natural Resources EP and Nature Conservation Society of SA Staff. Establishment of a rigorous monitoring program at the outset of the WildEyre project is critical to evaluating its long term success.

It also provides an opportunity to adapt conservation strategies over time, as we learn from the monitoring information.

For further information on the Bushland Condition Monitoring Program, go to www.ncssa.asn.au