Ecological Assets

Ecological Assets

The central and northwest Eyre Peninsula is a wild, unique and dynamic landscape, with a diverse range of natural assets worthy of conservation.

It is these areas, species or habitats that WildEyre has identified as being “conservation assets” for the region and these form the key focus of our work.

Using the best available technical, scientific and local knowledge, the WildEyre team have identified 12 unique natural assets within the WildEyre landscape that we want to conserve for generations to come.

We aim to achieve their conservation through integrated and informed planning and on ground land management and conservation outcomes.

The WildEyre working group examined the biological, ecological, social and cultural aspects of each of these assets, looked at potential threatening processes, and considered what flora and fauna live within and surrounding these areas.

We mapped each assets distribution within the WildEyre area and considered the current health and future resilience of these areas. By using all of this knowledge, we then determined measurable conservation strategies for each asset, outlining what actions need to be taken in order to effectively conserve them.