Ecological Assets

Ecological Asset 1

Sandy Coasts & Dunes


Sandy coasts and dune systems support unique ecological communities that are highly adapted to coastal conditions and perform a critical role in buffering inland habitats.

There are numerous examples of sandy habitats in the WildEyre project area including:

– Sheringa

– Lake Newland Conservation Park

– Yanerbie Dunes

– Beaches found in Anxious, Sceale, Corvisart and Streaky Bays.

Threatened Species

Sand systems and dunes are home to a variety of insects, reptiles, mammals and birds. Populations of threatened animal species such as the Beach Slider (Lerista arenicola), the Hooded Plover (Thinornis rubricollis) and the plant species the West Coast Mint Bush (Prostanthera calycina) are present in examples of these habitats within the WildEyre project area, and many species of shorebird, both resident and migratory, utilize the sandy beaches and foredune systems of Eyre Peninsula at various stages of their lifecycle.

Potential threats to Sandy Coasts and Dunes

  • Coastal Development
  • Unmanaged recreational impacts
  • Weed invasion
  • Feral and pest animals
  • Grazing by native and introduced herbivores