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Land Managers

Private landholdings make significant contributions to the state’s biodiversity. There is an increasing realisation that the reserve system (consisting of National and Conservation Parks and Wilderness Protection Areas) will be inadequate in conserving our unique and valuable biodiversity in the face of changing climatic conditions. Hence, more and more landscape scale conservation programs are engaging with private landholders to work collaboratively across both public and private lands in an integrated, holistic way.

The WildEyre project aims to conserve biodiversity and conduct ecological restoration activities at a landscape scale. The project team is investigating options to facilitate the purchase or management of land for conservation purposes. The team is also reviewing options for stewardship schemes and aims to support private landholdings to undertake complementary land management activities.

WildEyre is already working with other key land managers and owners in the district, including SA Water, Department for Environment and Natural Resources (National Parks), Australian Wildlife Conservancy and of course, many individual private landholders across the district who have generously donated their time and land for trials, research, surveys and on ground conservation actions.

WildEyre is also attempting to engage with Native Title Claimant Groups in the area. The WildEyre project area covers three existing Native Title claims: Wirangu No. 2; Nauo-Barngarla and Barngarla.

Evidence of Aboriginal occupation exists throughout the WildEyre project area, including stone artefacts, campsites, middens, stone arrangements, burial sites, paintings and engravings. Furthermore, many of the Native Title claimants maintain an ongoing connection to country, living in or regularly visiting the area.

If you are new to the area or are thinking about purchasing land in the WildEyre area, we encourage you to consider what environmental outcomes your property could contribute to.
If you are an existing land owner or manager in the WildEyre area and you think you might have something to offer.

To express your interest please contact WildEyre..