Native Vegetation Council Research Grant

DENR was awarded a research grant from the Native Vegetation Council’s Research Grants Program, entitled “Investigations into landholder attitudes and the feasibility of incentive schemes for large-scale restoration of the State Vulnerable Drooping Sheoak (Allocasuarina verticillata) Grassy Woodland Communities on Eyre Peninsula.”

This project involved conducting a targeted survey of landholders in the WE project area who either have Sheoak on their property, who can share information about sheoak biology and ecology or those interested in the restoration of Sheoak in the WildEyre area.

14 landholders were interviewed using a semi-structured ‘guided discussion’ style of face-to-face interviews, held at farmer’s own properties. The results have provided valuable insights into the design and implementation an incentive program for supporting landholders to protect Sheoak Grassy Woodlands in the Eyre Peninsula.

This research has already created multiple benefits:

Personal contact with landholders in the WildEyre area has been wonderful for the WildEyre team; not only to improve our understanding of landholder’s aspirations and motivations, but also to develop or strengthen ties with the regional community

Improved understanding of the potential drivers and motivations of the local community to assist in restoring and improving the viability of sheoak woodlands on Eyre Peninsula

The development of a research report summarising our findings. See the research report from these surveys here LINK to BOOKLET

Informing the development of a Market Based Instrument for the large scale restoration of sheoak woodlands.

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