Future Projects

WildEyre Working Group

There is much work to be done to achieve the ecological vision for the WildEyre landscape.
It will take millions of dollars worth of investment, scientifically and technically informed planning, comprehensive community engagement and capacity building, multiple partners and many years, if not decades to achieve.

Despite all of these constraints and challenges, the WildEyre Working Group will work tirelessly to achieve our vision for this landscape.

The WildEyre Conservation Action Plan informs our conservation priorities, based on detailed planning, local knowledge & comprehensive conservation strategies. As we progress our planning and new information comes to light the WildEyre Conservation Action Plan will change based on this new information

We expect that some of our priorities will change with:

  • the incorporation of new information (social, biological, ecological, economic, local);
  • changes in the level of threat to certain assets;
  • conservation status or certain species;
  • availability of funding;
  • State or Federal priorities; and Other local opportunities and drivers.

We have identified our emerging priorities which include some of our most threatened natural assets. Each of these natural assets faces unique conservation and restoration challenges and will require different management approaches to sustain them in the WildEyre landscape.

Our work in coming years will focus on (but not limited to):

  • Sand Mallee Dune-top Remnants
  • Red Gum Woodlands
  • Native Pine and Mallee Box Woodlands
  • Sub coastal wetlands
  • Coastal Areas
  • Sheoak Grassy Woodlands

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