What we do

What we do

WildEyre is a landscape scale conservation program involving individuals and local, regional and national groups who are working together to restore and conserve the unique and diverse ecosystems within central northwest Eyre Peninsula.

WildEyre is a collective of like minded conservation professionals who are working towards the conservation of the spectacular and unique diversity of Eyre Peninsula’s natural environment.

In 2007, the WildEyre group formed and developed a shared ecological vision for this landscape and have since worked through a systematic planning process Conservation Action Planning to produce a first iteration of a ‘Conservation Action Plan’ and achieve significant on ground actions.

A unique approach

WildEyre is unique because non-government and government organisations are working together to develop a shared ecological vision for this part of Eyre Peninsula. This project uses a ‘tenure blind’ approach, across public and private lands. While attention is paid to land ownership and approval considerations, the WildEyre team has developed a holistic and aspirational conservation vision for the WildEyre landscape using the Nature Conservancy’s Conservation Action Planning (CAP) approach.

Each organisation involved in WildEyre share an interest in this part of Eyre Peninsula and decided working together to set a shared direction for the conservation of this area would achieve greater success than working in isolation. Below is a short description of each organisation involved in WildEyre, which focuses on the interests and specialities of each organisation.

Another unique facet of the WildEyre approach is that CAP planning operates over long time scales, involves strategic and action based planning. CAP also provides mechanisms for self evaluation and monitoring the success of strategies.

Why do we need WildEyre?

A healthy and diverse environment is critical to South Australia’s social and economic well-being. Despite 20% of South Australia being protected in national parks and reserves, these areas alone cannot sustain and maintain all of the natural systems and processes we depend on, nor can they provide comprehensive protection for our unique plants and animals.

Approaching conservation on a large, landscape-scale represents a major shift in the way the South Australian governments and other non-government organisations are providing protection for our native plants and animals. By thinking holistically and considering nature, it is hoped that better conservation outcomes can be achieved.

WildEyre as a delivery mechanism

WildEyre acts as a delivery mechanism for many broader state and national conservation programs and helps to implement these approaches on ground. All of WildEyre’s conservation planning decisions and subsequent actions align strongly with:

  • The Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board’s Comprehensive Plan
  • East meets West NatureLinks Plan
  • Greening Australia’s Transforming Landscapes Program
  • Wilderness Society’s WildCountry Program
  • National Wildlife Corridors Plan

WildEyre aims to:

  • Deliver improved nature conservation outcomes in central northwest Eyre Peninsula
  • Increase opportunities for the community to be involved and supported in conservation actions
  • Increase the resilience of natural systems to climate change, including maintenance of the ecosystem services and natural infrastructure that supports regional communities and natural resource industries
  • Investigate options for sustainable land management across Eyre Peninsula
  • Research economic diversification opportunities for landholders whose livelihoods may be affected by climate change
  • Provide opportunities for greater participation by Aboriginal communities in decision-making