What we do

WildEyre Working Group

WildEyre has 11 active members who meet regularly for Conservation Action Planning meetings. Representing their participant organisation, each individual brings a diverse range of skills and experience to the WildEyre program.

Each member of the working group specialises in something different, so as to complement the other members’ skills sets. Whilst the working group is responsible for the majority of strategic planning and conservation action – we regularly seek input from other experts, groups and individuals to ensure best practise methods and strong knowledge foundations.

  • Andrew Freeman (WildEyre Project Officer – DEWNR)
  • Simon Bey (Program Manager, Eyre Peninsula – Greening Australia)
  • Liz McTaggart (Senior Natural Resource Officer – DEWNR)
  • Mark Anderson (District Manager – DEWNR)
  • Stuart Collard (Director of Conservation – Greening Australia)
  • Paul Koch (Senior Ecologist – Greening Australia)
  • Jeff Foulkes (Conservation Programs Manager – NCSSA)
  • Cristel Chambers (Community Organiser – TWSSA)
  • Greg Kerr (Landscape Ecologist – DEWNR)

The Role of the Working Group

The WildEyre Working Group’s role is diverse and will evolve over time as the WildEyre project progresses.
At this time, the group’s key functions include:

  • Conservation Action Planning (& refining planning as new information becomes available);
  • Facilitating the implementation of the WildEyre action plan;
  • Research and liaison with experts and other stakeholders;
  • Coordinating community education and workshop events;
  • Seeking funding for conservation related works (grant writing);
  • On ground action; Control of feral animals, fencing, weed control, revegetation and restoration works;
  • Strengthening relationships between partner organisations;
  • Liaison with and learning from the Traditional Owners in the WildEyre area;
  • Looking for opportunities to improve/keep up with the latest scientific theories;
  • Coordinating the WildEyre E-Newsletter and Website;
  • Promotion of WildEyre’s approach and goals;
  • Achieving broader organisational goals for partner organisations; and
  • Seeking new organisational partnerships.