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WildEyre Region Sa
WildEyre Region SA

The west coast of the Eyre Peninsula showcases a diverse range of natural assets: from sweeping coastlines with rugged cliffs, windswept beaches and huge expanses of mallee.

The WildEyre area comprises 1.2 million hectares and includes the coastal townships of Sheringa, Elliston and Kiana in the south, Port Kenny, Venus Bay, Streaky Bay and Haslam in the north and extends inland to include the large Wilderness Protection Areas of Hincks and Hambidge.This variety of habitats gives rise to a unique suite of flora and fauna species, many of which are endemic, meaning they are found nowhere else on Earth. It is this landscape that WildEyre aims to protect for generations to come.

The area contains some of the largest, intact and largely contiguous areas of bushland in South Australia’s agricultural districts and supports a diverse range of nationally-threatened plant and animal species. It also incorporates the unique and diverse coastal assets of this area, including sheltered and high energy bays, cliff tops and rocky coasts and sub coastal wetlands.

The community in this area has demonstrated its strong motivation, rich capacity and significant local knowledge which have helped determine where the WildEyre project boundary would be best placed. Working with the community will improve the likelihood of success for the WildEyre program.