Wind Erosion Abatement on High Erosion Risk Soils

Wind Erosion Abatement on High Erosion Risk Soils across northern Eyre Peninsula

In the 2010/11 Caring for Our Country Business Plan, northern Eyre Peninsula was identified, nationally, as a priority region for addressing soil loss from wind erosion. It was considered one of three regions, in Australia, that could provide the biggest benefits with improved soil and land management practices.

Greening Australia got together with EPNRM and developed this 3 year project to address wind erosion issues on northern Eyre Peninsula. We focussed mainly on the light sandy soils within the farming landscape. These are largely in the form of dune-swale systems that are regularly exposed to severe wind events. The project area included Elliston, Sheringa, Tooligie, Rudall, Cleve and Cowell in the south to Iron Knob, Kimba, the Gawler Ranges, Wirrulla, Ceduna and Penong in the north and east-west from Whyalla to Nundroo.

We targeted private and indigenous landholders. We funded individual projects that utilised best-science soil and land management practices that seek to stabilise these wind erosion prone systems. Project activities include strategic revegetation, fencing to exclude stock from sensitive areas, establishment and improvement of windbreaks and workshops to educate landholders on current best practice land management.

Greening Australia and partner EPNRM would like to thank the Australian Government for providing $296,857 Caring for Our Country funding to enable this project to run.

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